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Dealing With Blogging Loneliness?

Over on Freelance Writing Jobs there is a great little post talking about what you can do to not feel lonely while blogging.

  • Go to the coffee shop.
  • Go to the library.
  • Talk to other moms.
  • Join clubs or groups.
  • Social networking.

I have to admit to having tried just about all of these, though since I am not a mom, I will replace the third item with “talking to others in a similar situation”, which I do constantly.

A great little list and an interesting site. I recommend you all check it out.

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  1. Anthony says: 8/7/2007

    Another thing which I think is advisable is volunteer for a non-for-profit or charity one day a week/fortnight. As well as the social aspect of interaction and doing some good for others in the community it is nice to have something extra on your CV from an organisation other than yourself for period of time you’re freelancing. This way if you decide to go back to regular employment you haven’t been out of the loop so to speak.


  2. Edward Dowd says: 8/8/2007

    “Talk to other moms.”
    This one puzzled me when I first saw it.
    Also, try contacting other blogging to guest blog if you are lonely. You get to meet someone new and exchange emails.