Performancing Metrics Adds Theme Previews

Over on they have added another new and cool feature recently with their Theme Preview system. This is way better than those small little thumbnails we are expected to use to figure out if a theme is worthy of our time or not.

Here is the text from the blog posting:

I know you want to check out some of those new themes on to see just how much they might make your blog shine, but you don’t want to activate any for fear your readers will get on your case about switching themes all the time.

… You have really obnoxious readers, don’t you? ;)

Well no need to worry any longer. You can now preview any theme from your blog’s Presentation admin screen just by clicking on the theme’s thumbnail. Your blog will load on the fly using the new theme without actually activating that theme for realies. Even better, you can click around most anywhere in your blog to see how your posts, pages, categories and everything else look.

Now… when will software be able to do this for me?

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  1. edward Dowd says: 8/18/2007

    I hope they add this to software. i hate upgrading though.


  2. Jenny says: 8/19/2007

    Didn’t they already have this?


  3. Marcus says: 8/20/2007

    Ah! Much better to search for new themes.


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