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Blog Herald Podcast is Back

I didn’t see the episode released on July 5th, but the recent episode, released on August 19th found its way in front of me, and low and behold, Matt Craven is the host of the show. You all might remember Matt as the original publisher of the Blog Herald. I am very excited to see him back online. I have to admit to thinking that the editors at the Blog Herald had made a mistake in their author system before listening to the podcast.

Check out the Blog Herald Podcast.

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  1. McPhee says: 8/20/2007

    original publisher of the Blog Herald ???


  2. Matt Craven says: 8/21/2007

    Thanks for the props..

    Duncan is the original publisher of the Blog Herald.. and no one can compare him and what he accomplished there ;)



  3. Kalinikos says: 9/17/2007



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