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WordPress Theme: Retro MacOS

There are very few themes that catch my eye anymore, but I have to admit there is something about the Retro MacOS that just makes me both wince in pain, and laugh like a little child.

The theme takes elements from Mac OS system 6, back in the days where your choices for color were non-existent.

I thought I’d try my hands at WordPress tweakery, and so I thought I’d mark up my first custom theme. For whatever reason, I decided that a rendition of the monochrome MacOS from circa System 6 would be cool – with a few liberties taken for the sake of the web, of course.

It’s my first real attempt at a theme, so goodness knows if it’ll work on anything other than WP 2.1.2 (which is what it was developed under). Still, it’s based on some of the structure behind the default Kubrick theme, so it should be relatively complete.

Check out Retro MacOS.

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  1. Jason says: 8/22/2007

    I like it but I think I could go for a current Mac OSX theme too.


  2. Edward Dowd says: 8/22/2007

    This is such a cool theme. It would be great for a mac related site.


  3. shaon says: 8/26/2007

    WoW… Really nice theme.


  4. AainaA says: 1/2/2008

    I love this piece – I saw it a month ago, or thereabouts, and fell in love with it – i like the simplicity, the … crudeness


  5. msn says: 6/21/2008

    thanx for post


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