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Adding WordPress 2.3 Tags to a Theme

Matt Mullenweg linked to a post on Aiming for Independence about adding the new tags to your WordPress theme.

Thankfully, much like categories, it is a simple adjustment, requiring only another bit of WordPress specific template code.

>?php the_tags(‘before’, ’separator’, ‘after’); ?<

I, for one, am glad it is so simple to implement and I hope most theme makers will update their themes to include this functionality.

My biggest question is “what will happen if we take the newly updated theme, and place it on a blog running a previous version of WordPress?”

Is there some way to check which version of WordPress is being run, or will we have to put out a WordPress 2.3 only version of each and every theme?

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  1. Mary-Ann Horley says: 9/17/2007

    can’t the theme designer wrap it in an “if function exists” thingie?


  2. Nathan Rice says: 9/17/2007

    if function_exists( the_tags() ) { the_tags(); }


  3. David Peralty ) says: 9/17/2007

    The sad part is, I knew about using that for checking for plugins and everything, but I didn’t even think to use it to check to see if a core feature was there…

    Thanks all (I feel really dumb now).


  4. Christine From The Internet says: 9/17/2007

    I’m in the process of making a plugin that will make the template tags for UTW work with the wordpress 2.3 tag store; so themes that were using UTW will be able to keep on working with only a little bit of pain (:


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