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Top 10 Tips for driving traffic AWAY from your website

Ben over at Binary Moon has written a post about driving traffic away from your website. I love posts like these that help you avoid pitfalls that you might come across, or already be doing.

He lists some of my top annoyances in his post like: previews. offer a way to add “previews” to external websites you link to on your pages. By previews I mean tiny screenshots that pop up on mouse over. In my mind they offer no value to visitors whatsoever. All they do is slow down the page load, and get in the way of the content I actually want to read. There is a way to remove them but it relies on cookies in your browser, this seems cumbersome to me so I used the Adblock Firefox extension to block their entire domain. No for me thank you very much. And thankfully, I’m not the only person who dislikes them – Lorelle, and many others have the same opinions.

Read the full list of reasons over on Binary Moon.

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  1. BloggingProfits says: 9/18/2007

    I agree that pop-up previews are useless and annoying. They just look cute and gives the web 2.0 effect, but other than than, they really serve no purpose.


  2. Jan says: 9/19/2007

    Pop-up previews are realy usless.


  3. Rick Marnon, Howell says: 9/28/2007

    These popups are a waste. I’m not a fan, because they slow everything down, and because I’m a speek freak I prefer fast than slow.
    Rick Marnon, Howell


  4. Виктор Евсеев says: 5/23/2009

    Статья вроде старая уже, но я только сегодня ее прочитал. Заставляет задуматься, что тут скажешь. :)


  5. Наум says: 5/28/2009

    Премного благодарен за такую интересную точку зрения. Я с ней не совсем согласен, но она имеет право быть.