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AdSense Payouts in Euros?

Make Easy Money With Google And AdSense is one of my favorite sites for reading about AdSense and Google projects in general, and with the Canadian and American dollar hitting parity, I really appreciated their latest post entitled “Google Should Switch To Euros“.

I have posted about the implications in a weak American currency before and so I have to admit, I would enjoy seeing Google switch their AdSense payouts to a currency that converts better to Canadian dollars, and is more stable.

Here is a bit from the article:

If you’re a US publisher then this probably doesn’t mean too much to you, but it definitely affects those of us on the outside, as Google’s US-denominated payments are worth less and less to us once they’re converted over. On the flipside, however, non-US advertisers should see their AdWords costs decrease because the conversion to US dollars for bid prices will be cheaper.

Now if only Google would switch to Euros as its base currency for advertising transactions. The exchange rate is much better…

Has the shift in the value of the American dollar effected you? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear some kindred spirits feeling the pressure due to the online economy being so cemented in the US greenback.

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  1. Luke says: 9/21/2007

    Google will not switch to Euros … just because of exchange rate risk and it could hardly affect Google’s profits. For Google, it is better to leave advertisers and publishers to carry the exchange rate risk.


  2. dimas says: 9/22/2007

    I have a blog in spanish (Spain) and as an european publisher I have my adsense earnings converted into euros, is quite frustrating to see that each time I earn more I´m really earning the same or less because of the exchange rate


  3. Webd360 says: 9/24/2007

    I understand why you would be upset about this, but just think about all that time where you were getting more money when the usd was stronger (this doesn’t apply to those who live in countries using euros or pounds though). For the Canadians, the exchange rate is really close so it could pop back onto the other side any day (or go the other way). I’m in America so it doesn’t affect me either way…


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  5. chat says: 11/12/2007

    Belcher expects that by 2008


  6. Sundream Estate says: 11/23/2007

    Google is in US and on the stock market there also, so they will never switch to Euros or ruble or yen etc..


  7. Riccardo says: 5/14/2008

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