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Thirteen “Lesser Known” Helpful WordPress Plugins

Over on Colloquium there is a list of some great plugins that I think people should be using. I didn’t write the list, but I have to admit that over ninety percent of what is listed are plugins I either use, want to use, or think are great.

There are zillions of WordPress plugins available, with many new ones released each day. Some are well known and almost universally employed, e.g., Akismet, Google Sitemap Generator.

Things listed include a feed copyrighter plugin, and something to truncate super long links in comments. Definitely worth checking out.

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  1. JHS says: 9/22/2007

    Wow, thanks for the shout-out and link love, David!


  2. Jon says: 9/24/2007

    Professional bloggers don’t seem to use blogrolls, but I recently wrote a blogroll plugin that cuts down the space that a blogroll takes up. I thought it would be good for spreading the link love while reducing the number of links on a page.


  3. Marco Richter says: 9/25/2007

    I have collected an A-Z-List of WP Plugins on my post, maybe this might interest you.


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