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WordPress Plugin Wanted: Digg Effect Alternate Image

So, I was just talking to a friend of mine, and he was complaining how he has to put his images on a photo hosting site like Flickr to be able to help withstand the Digg effect.

I said to him that we need a plugin that would allow us to create alternate locations for images and make it so that if a person comes from Digg or Reddit, it pulls the image from Flickr, otherwise just show the locally hosted image.

This could potentially save people a fair bit of bandwidth, especially if they have caching issues and the like.

Has this already been made? If not, if someone makes it, I will promote it here.

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  1. Chris Meller says: 9/22/2007

    Uhh… If it doesn’t actually remove that 2nd step of effort (uploading the image to both your local server and then to Flickr as well), what’s the point? You’re already having to manually upload it to Flickr, so why not just link directly to the Flickr image all the time?

    Besides, I see no way it could intelligently know that x.jpg on your local server is also y.jpg on Flickr and switch the links, so for every image you would also have to have a way of telling the plugin “Hey, these two… they’re the same thing!”. That’s even MORE work than you were doing previously…

    So… What does hosting it locally actually get you again?


  2. Jeffro2pt0 says: 9/23/2007

    Wouldn’t WP-Cache solve this issue?


  3. Killswitch says: 9/23/2007

    What about switching to a very minimalistic stylesheet for Digg referrers and use img { display: none; } to hide all images? Ofcoarse this would defeat the purpose if the images were necessary, but why not hide layout specific images and other images not related to the post? Just a thought. I don’t use WordPress myself and am not even a blogger, so what do I know? Why am I even here? That too I don’t know.


  4. David Peralty ) says: 9/24/2007

    Chris – Hosting it locally allows you to control the file name, and hopefully get traffic from Google’s image search. I get on average 10+% of my traffic from Google Image search, depending on the site. Though I agree with the rest of your points.

    Jeffro2pt0 – Yes and no. I really don’t like when people expect WP-Cache to be the best solution for every situation. I don’t think it would would perfectly for say, live blogging an Apple event where you are posting images every five minutes or so?

    Killswitch – That’s basically what we have had to do on a few occassions, making it a content only site (no design) with the content and a few low quality images until the majority of the traffic has subsided. And please, :) keep coming back.


  5. Mark Penix says: 9/26/2007

    There is an easy way to do this… either a. use javascript in the header, capture the referer, and if from digg/reddit img {display:none} OR i could possibly write a plugin that will capture the referer, and display a link to your image (the one on your host), instead of displaying the image itself.

    Let me know!


  6. David Peralty ) says: 9/26/2007

    Mark – That’s exactly what I was hoping someone would make. A plugin where you could add a list of referrers and have the images disappear, or maybe use the thumbnail that WordPress generates?


  7. James says: 10/5/2007

    Awesome plugins luv it thanks alot


  8. lol says: 1/1/2008

    nice plug


  9. Blagovest says: 5/3/2008

    Check out the WP-Offload plugin

    It redirects HTTP requests for images to external cache servers, while the images remain hosted on your server.