Performancing Metrics Category to Tag Converter

Over on, Matt has announced a new feature to get people using the new tagging system more: Category to Tag converter.

Here’s why from the blog:

Since launching tags the other week we’ve had a fair number of people who wanted to redo their categories as tags, probably because you have a bunch of categories you’ve only used once or twice.

This totally makes sense to me, and something I hope to see in an upcoming version of WordPress, as I have many categories I have only used here or there that would make better tags than being another category in the list.

I can’t wait to see how categories and tags are used by WordPress bloggers now that it is part of the core. Before when you had to add a plugin to get the feature, there was a barrier for entry, but no longer. The only issue now is making sure everyone adds tag display to their themes.

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  1. Daryl says: 10/10/2007

    Um, I think you didn’t read his whole post. It’s *in* 2.3. You go to the /wp-admin backend URL login and look at the Manage menu item. One of the options under Import is the Category to Tags conversion.

    Personally, I’m just waiting for MarsEdit to support tagging for wordpress as well as categories !


  2. David Peralty ) says: 10/10/2007

    Daryl – Wow… I read it, but I hadn’t noticed it in my 2.3 install… Thanks. Now I am going to go hide from the shame…


  3. Lorelle says: 10/21/2007

    Just a warning, hopefully not a little late. A lot of people are confused and angry that the posts are taken out of their category during the conversion, and the tag added. The post drops into the default category for your blog. If it doesn’t have a backup category, you have to track down the post(s) and edit them to add them back into a post category.

    Having an “importer” to convert categories to tags is nice, but I think they fell down on the job by not allowing us the ability to also put those posts into a specific category before dumping them out into “uncategorized”. Not an issue for 3-5 posts, but for those who jumped and found 100 or more posts category-less, and having to edit them all to put them into a category – there are some upset WordPress users.


  4. Mahesh Mohan says: 10/26/2007

    Can anyone post the download link?


  5. Stephen says: 11/2/2007

    Thanks for pointing that out Daryl, i wouldn’t have realized it was part of core.


  6. Rirath says: 11/11/2007

    I’m one of the users who had the problem Lorelle mentioned. I didn’t realize it would simply dump my categories, and having about 600 posts, it took forever to restore an old copy of my structure. I don’t understand why they didn’t make an option to simply mirror the category structure to tags.

    Anyone know of a plug-in that does this? I’m surprised that I’ve yet to come across one.


  7. Murk says: 8/15/2008

    I’m still looking for this, surely the problems must have been solved by now?