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WordPress 2.3.1 Released

In case you hadn’t already heard, the quickly released update to WordPress has been released. If you have been holding out for a point release of the new WordPress 2.3 for them to solve some bugs, this is your chance.

They have fixed over twenty bugs, including some security issues.

Here are some of the key fixes:

  • Tagging support for Windows Live Writer
  • Fixes for a login bug that affected those with a Blog Address different than their WordPress Address
  • Faster taxonomy database queries, especially tag intersection queries
  • Link importer fixes

I really wish this wasn’t also a security release, but that’s how it is sometimes, so please, if you are using WordPress 2.2 or 2.3, it is time to upgrade again.

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  1. Beta3 says: 10/31/2007

    Finally I can blog from Windows Live Writer and include native tags… Thats great….


  2. Best Internet Blogs says: 11/13/2007

    We are using wordpress 2.2.3 and is working great. Just a little note.



  3. Gazeteler says: 11/21/2007

    Tagging support for Windows Live Writer!. That’s why i’ve upgraded my wp to 2.3.1. Everyone must use this feature (imo:p).


  4. sohbet says: 7/23/2008

    Finally I can blog from Windows Live Writer and include native tags