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The $54,000 ProBlogger Giveaway

By now I am sure pretty much everyone has heard about Darren’s $54,000 ProBlogger Giveaway, but I wanted to make sure the people reading this blog were notified so that they would get a chance.

Darren has posted the list of prizes, and they range from little things, all the way up to iPods, hundreds of dollars in cash, blog consulting, and many more.

His first prize giveaway started today with Aaron Wall’s SEO Book. And entering is simple. Just head on over to and comment on the post including “I LOVE SEO!”, and you are entered. Be quick though as the contest is closing shortly.

There will be many more prizes, so keep watching over the coming days, or maybe weeks.

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WordPress Theme: Estranged

Over on Performancing, they have released another theme. This one, called Estranged was designed by Thord Daniel Hedengren, who I am a fan of.

Here are some notes on the design:

Estranged is a two-column theme that features large, standout headers, and easy-to read body and link text. The color scheme involves subtle shades of grey and red, with a bit of orange, and these add to that simple yet eye-catching look. The proportions of the columns and the headers are just right, making ample use of the rule of thirds popular among those in the visual arts. Contrast is just right–having adequate readability, but not at the cost of being too much of a glare. The theme also makes adequate use of white space, so the blog doesn’t look cramped.

Check it out at

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