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Splashpress Media Acquires Heavyweight Blogs from Bloggy Network

This blog has been acquired by Splashpress Media, and me along with it. I am very excited to get back writing again, as it feels like I have let things slip a little too much around here.

Here is a sample of the press release:

New Media company Splashpress Media has announced the acquisition of five premier blogs from Bloggy Network LLC.

Along with this acquisition, Splashpress Media has also announced that Mr. David Peralty, Bloggy Network’s Director of Communications, is now joining the company as Head of Marketing. David has extensive experience in the new media industry, and looks forward to leading the charge in building up the Splashpress Media brand.

In a private sale for an undisclosed amount, the following blogs will now be operated by Splashpress Media:

Blogging Pro- Blogging Pro regularly features news, themes and plugins for blogging applications in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner. The site regularly discusses a wide array of blogging-related topics, from personal blogging, to blog monetization, to the technical aspects of blogging.

You can find all the details about the sale over at The Blog Herald.

For more information on what is going on with Bloggy Network, be sure to check out Ahmed’s post on Tech Soapbox.

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  1. Armen says: 11/1/2007

    I hope everything goes well for you David. Just be careful though. Many of the blogs which SP aquire, lose the personal touch, and readers, although they still read, they contribute less to the discussion.


  2. Mark says: 11/6/2007

    Fair comment, Armen. This I think is a case of “biting off more than we could chew”, so hopefully David can help us streamline and also implement a keyword for 2008: “consolidation”.


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