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WordPress To Host Premium Themes Marketplace

While Matt Mullenweg was in Argentina for WordCamp, he announced that Automattic plans to set up a marketplace for theme creators to sell their creations.

So far the only real detail released, which even it might not be set in stone, is that 50% of the sale price will go to Automattic for creating, updating and hosting the marketplace.

This could mean huge revenue increases for them, and the ability to further promote WordPress and the secondary products, like Gravatar, and Akismet.

If you have been creating themes to be sold once on Sitepoint or a similar forum, hopefully, this marketplace will allow you to sell your theme numerous times, and bring in a fair income.

You can read more about the WordPress Premium Theme Marketplace at Blog Herald, as well as my concerns and opinions on the whole endeavor.

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  1. sethuhdiah says: 11/2/2007

    50/50 is too much. Why have 1 centralized place for the best premium themes and lose half of your time? Independent designers can still work together to make sufficient wp themes. Anyway I think its bullcrap, wordpress is supposed to be one of the best open source tools out there. Now their tryin to steal half our money.

    You just inspired me to buy a new domain: I tell you what, ill split profit 25/75 :)


  2. Eric Cumberworth says: 11/3/2007

    I agree with you sethuhdiah about it being bullcrap. WordPress lured me in because it stood strongly for open source. While it does not surprise me that they are trying to bank in on their successes it is nonetheless disappointing.



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