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Defensio: An Akismet Competitor

Most of us use Akismet, as it is included with WordPress, but there is a new player in town, and it is called Defensio. Just like Akismet, it is a service where your comments are sent off your site to be analyzed by Defensio before going live on your site.

It is supposed to help block spam, and they report that they are doing a better job than their competition, but who knows if that is true.

I like their management system better than Akismet, but I think otherwise the two pieces of software are rather similar.

There are many great posts about the software, including a kudos from Automattic’s Akismet site. Does Defensio have a chance? I will have to give it a whirl on a few dozen blogs and let you know how it goes. Keep watch for an update on the script sometime in the coming weeks.

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  1. Jeffro2pt0 says: 11/13/2007

    I was really surprised by the kudos from Automattic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a company praise another company for entering the market :P


  2. Daniel says: 11/14/2007

    I think Akismet will stay as my #1 spamstopper since it has not let anything pass for over a year now. Thats pretty impressive in my eyes.


  3. ameo says: 7/1/2008

    defensio has really some nice features and it does block spam .
    but i see that it has some more features that can be called extra and not needed .

    like the stats system .. who would ever check how many spam he got and when .!!? weird and unwanted

    also that accuracy meter !? i know that there is only 2 sides of comments .

    SPAM and NOT SPAM .

    then why confusing me ?

    @ defenson Dev .
    make it simpler and ditch the account setting on your site , and as for the personal APIs you can always set it per mail address or any other authenticating method