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WordPress 2.4 – January 24th

With so much going on in the WordPress world, I have to admit, I wondered if they would be done WordPress 2.4 early. Such a strong team of developers and a good list of things being completed, it wouldn’t have surprised me if we saw the next version of WordPress before the end of the year, but with the holidays quickly approaching, and baby Boren only a month away, they have wisely decided to push the release to January 24th.

From Ryan Boren’s blog:

With the holidays upon us, a new baby Boren coming next month, and a new admin design to implement, we’ve decided to push the release of WordPress 2.4 out to January 24th of next year. I updated the roadmap with the new date.

Huge congrats to Ryan, on the upcoming fatherhood. I hope all goes well with the new baby, and of course WordPress.

WordPress 2.4 was originally scheduled for release on December 12th.

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  1. Aaron B. Hockley says: 11/15/2007

    I’m happy to see them making the release when it will be ready, rather than rush it out based on an arbitrary calendar guideline.


  2. kss says: 11/15/2007

    Looking forward to the new version. It has Widget-based dashboard :d