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WordPress News: Is There Enough? Too Much?

Is there enough news on what is happening in the WordPress community? I don’t just mean on this blog, but all blogs.

In the WordPress Dashboard, there are a fair number of sites, some of high quality WordPress related content, others with development information and then a few other blogs thrown in there as well. The oldest post on my dashboard is from seven days ago. There are twenty items displayed on my dashboard.

Are we getting enough WordPress related news on the dashboard? Some days, I find there are too many irrelevant posts pushed in my direction, but lately there have been many great stories, links and tidbits of information on there. Though interestingly enough, I have removed the WordPress Dashboard on many of my blogs, and others I have set to go right to the Write screen.

Back to the original question though, do you think there is enough WordPress related news currently? Are there enough blogs covering it? Is there too much WordPress related news out there currently?

I have to ask this question as I write about WordPress on a few different blogs, and a week ago, pretty much every post I did on those blogs was WordPress related, and it got me thinking that there might be too much WordPress news in Splashpress Media sites, but they are only responding to a lack of news in the blogosphere as a whole. The WordPress Podcast doesn’t always have two episodes a month, but when it does release, everyone is clamoring to listen to it.

Every tip I have released in regards to WordPress over on Devlounge, has been met with much applause. So does that mean there are a lack of quality tips related to WordPress?

I’d love to hear your opinions. Have you found it easy to find WordPress related news? Is there enough coverage? Is one WordPress related podcast enough? Please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Moses Francis says: 11/19/2007

    I think there’s a mixed audience these days, some are experienced WordPress users that crave for great articles to take them to the next level and there are some that are totally utterly newbies and maybe that’s why WordPress related news are never enough.

    that’s just my opinion.


  2. Cadu de Castro Alves says: 11/19/2007

    I don’t use WP dashboard to get news about it. I prefer using Netvibes to get, because I can choose my favorites websites. I think that WPDesigner is a good source about WP, specially for who wants to learn about designing WP themes. I think that it could be put into WP dashboard news.

    There are a lot of others website and/or blogs about WP that don’t come there. I wrote some articles and tutorials about it recently, but my blog is written in Portuguese and, so, I don’t need to explain, do I?


  3. Jeffro2pt0 says: 11/20/2007

    I know for a fact that some of my most read articles were those that were Plugin reviews for WordPress. Quite a bit of my popular posts are WordPress related content. Not sure why there is such a demand for WordPress related material as their are hundreds of WordPress specific blogs out their. I use the dashboard as I sometimes never open my FeedReader. It works great for when they release a new version. I usually get the new version within 1-3 hours of it’s release so I can write about it.


  4. forum says: 11/26/2007



  5. JimD says: 11/29/2007

    While I still use WordPress for my current site, all future sites I’m working with will be running Drupal. I’m surprised at how little attention Drupal gets, considering how obscenely powerful it is. While I can do a lot with WordPress and plugins, most of them always look, work and feel like “add-ons” rather than a part of the overall system.

    Drupal integrates everything. Add discussion forums and they’re automatically skinned with the site theme. RSS aggregator that’s as simple as turning it on and adding the feeds. Overall, Drupal is a little more difficult to get up and running than WordPress was, but I’m so glad I switched. As a bonus, I won’t have to deal with the horrible database hit that WordPress brings when a site gets busy.

    I would love to see more coverage of Drupal (and other blogging/CMS options).