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WordPress Wear: Hoodies

If you love the WordPress logo, and want to sport it everywhere you go, they now have hoodies. Winter where I am in Canada, hasn’t gotten all that cold yet, but a nice hooded sweatshirt would be perfect for the current temperatures outside.

They recently put up a post on the about the new gear, and I have to admit it is very tempting. A hooded sweatshirt will run you $32 USD if you live in North or South America, and 16.00 GBP if you live elsewhere.

Check it out at

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  1. Chris Jacobson says: 1/2/2008

    Those are nice hoodies, but the shipping to Canada is $18.00, not to mention any duty that would need to be paid. Overall, I’d be looking at about $60.00 USD for that hoodie. Not worth it, unless you’re in the U.S.



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