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WordPress Plugin Bloat: Uninstall Doesn’t Mean Gone

Jeffro put up a great post on Weblog Tools Collection about WordPress and how deleting plugins doesn’t mean that everything with regard to the plugin is gone, as many of them add entries into the database, that sit there doing nothing once the plugin is gone, except for causing bloat, and if you are like me, someone that tries a variety of plugins, you have to wonder what kind of long term effect this has on your database tables.

It is an interesting issue, and while most plugins don’t add very much data, over a long period of time, there could be a fair bit of extra information sitting there, eating up space. Could it be time for plugin authors to add a proper uninstall feature?

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  1. Julian says: 1/8/2008

    Yes, that would be great.


  2. Jason says: 1/8/2008

    Heaven forbid our WordPress installs become as bad as Windows installs and require a fresh installation every year. Open source programmers/scripters *should* hold themselves to a higher standard.


  3. Robert Nelson says: 1/8/2008

    It is my hope that this is the start of a call to action before things reach the level of Windows installs and the need for the so-called “raw” or fresh installation at least yearly. Espicially if it reached the point that only cure was to do a format


  4. harknell says: 1/9/2008

    I think that WordPress needs to take the lead on this and build in a function for uninstall that allows plugin developers to hook into a display in a common area on the plugin page to have an “uninstall” button. Only if this is done in a consistent and supported manner will this situation get resolved. Once it’s in the code the pressure is then on plugin developers to follow the standard, so I would expect quality developers would do it.


  5. Martin says: 1/11/2008

    Programmers should at least state clearly that their lugin adds stuff to the database!


  6. fornetti says: 8/31/2008

    I do not believe this


  7. Vidyut Kale ) says: 9/27/2010

    Yes. There also needs to be some standardized method for adding post meta. Many themes and SEO plugins have their own names for keywords, description, featured image, etc. So changing the theme or uninstalling the plugin means losing all your SEO efforts or fiddling with the database. If like me, you change your theme often, SEO is rarely up to date, and those unused entries sit there doing nothing. If nothing, there needs to be a table for uninstalled stuff that data can be imported from via WP, without risking newbies wading into databases Shouldn’t be too tough – many SEO plugins offer imports from other plugins – it should be a simple matter to allow custom imports.