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WordPress Sucks? I Think Not!

A friend of mine, Mark from, just recently posted a video about WordPress, letting the world know that he thinks it sucks.

Of course, I couldn’t leave it alone and so I made my own video response to his badly sung song.

I mention how it is not WordPress that sucks, but instead WordPress users that don’t keep up to date, manage their plugins, and give time and energy to maintaining the software that runs their blogs. Mark and some people that have commented on his post bring up WordPress’ inability to manage multiple blogs, though I think this is a weak jab at WordPress when you consider WordPress Mu and that multiple installs can be managed through Subversion, like b5media and other blog networks do.

While I do agree that needing to update my blog for security releases isn’t any fun, and sometimes WordPress has to release many versions to “get things right”, I think that WordPress is still superior to most other blogging platforms. I do have to admit that I wish they would find a way to create an upgrade script for security releases and other minor revisions.

If you love WordPress, maybe you could run on over to and let Mark know why it is your favourite blogging software. If you enjoyed my video, check out for more candid content.

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  1. 45n5 says: 1/8/2008

    I don’t need to develop something better than wordpress, it already exists. Typepad spanks wordpress all day long.

    Sure, if everybody is a programming tech geek like yourself wordpress is the way to go.

    “the people using wordpress suck” lol, that sums it up nicely. Nothing better than the developer blaming the users.

    However, you forget, most people struggle to find their database name and password. Most people can’t be expected to manage upgrading their installs every month, using code version management, managing spam, managing plugin security, managing their cms cpu usage, etc.

    You say justify hacking is ok just because others get hacked, lol, well then, don’t use the software that keeps getting hacked, not justify it.

    If you’re an expert user, go wordpress, otherwise go elsewhere.

    All love though ;) Great to see u doing video again.

    ps. you were supposed to sing the response….


  2. David Peralty ) says: 1/8/2008

    Yeah, I am by far the worst singer that has ever lived, so no song and dance here… Maybe Scrivs or someone will chime in with something more to your liking in that respect.

    And Typepad is an orange, and is an Apple… two very different things. You should compare TypePad to, the hosted software. No hacking, no updates, no database concerns, no plugin issues, etc…etc…


  3. 45n5 says: 1/8/2008

    yeah, mapped to a domain would be much better. 99% of the wordpress fanboys push the diy version of hosting your own version. I could have been more specific.


  4. Chris Thomson says: 1/8/2008

    The one thing I hate about people criticizing WP because it’s “not Digg proof”. It seriously IS Digg proof, its just their crappy hosting that can’t handle it. I got dugg recently, and my site didn’t even slow down (and I wasn’t even caching!!). WP is digg proof, but lots of cheap little hosts aren’t. (Oh, and I’m hosting at Media Temple, and in my reports, it didn’t show THAT much of a load on the server, even though I got an insane amount of traffic all of a sudden.


  5. Garry Conn says: 1/8/2008

    Cool video. I have an article publishing tonight. Seem like Mark’s post has picked up a little momentum. Majority doesn’t accept his rant though. But, I’ll talk more about this in my article tonight. I will add this, I think the WordPress development team does an excellent job with the program and I am a very strong supporter of WordPress. :)


  6. seo says: 1/9/2008



  7. kl3tte says: 1/9/2008

    I don’t think that WordPress Sucks and all software out there has security issues… I love WordPress!


  8. paul says: 1/17/2008

    lol, i like the vids. and you will hear no qualms from me – i love wordpress. it has helped me do a ton of things that i couldn’t have done on my own. but i agree, it would be nice to have upgrade/update scripting or something.


  9. Josh says: 3/24/2008

    I just want to pick up on your point about using Fantastico to upgrade your blog. The problem with that is alot of hosts take days/weeks to update new versions within fantastico.

    The ultimate way of keeping WordPress uptodate is using Subversion, but on the flipside it’s alot harder than going through fantastico for your average user.


  10. calvin says: 3/31/2008

    How do you feel about Microsoft? I hope you think it’s the users faults for Windows security problems as well.

    Lots of up to date WP blogs are hacked as well. Some of the problem isn’t directly attributable to poor code on WordPress’s part. Plugins and themes can be poorly done, what WordPress should do is find a way code more securely and sandbox against the plugins and themes.

    For now I use Blogger ftp’d to my own server with my own domain.


  11. James says: 7/16/2008

    I don’t think WP sucks, not at all but honestly I’m getting tired of all the new versions coming up so quickly, I manage a lot of websites that run WP, not by a choice of mine but whoever was before me, I like WP but I think they are going over board.

    I’m a busy man, and when you’re busy time goes by pretty fast, if I have to upgrade a website today and after 3 or 4 months I have to do another major upgrade I feel like it has been 3 or 4 weeks between updates. One site it’s fine but over 500… oh dear!

    Personally I’ve being using WP since version 1.2 and whenever there was a new release I was excited but now I just go “now what!”

    If we talk about security, I understand a patch or something but…
    a new release that most likely is gonna break something or give even a minor headache is annoying.


  12. Neal says: 2/27/2009

    wordpress does suck! the management sucks! their practices suck! how they walk all over everyone sucks! the founder, matt mullenweg, definitely sucks!

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! if you every do business with them directly, you’ll see how matt mullenweg is nothing but a big-headed kid who wants everyone to worship him and doesn’t give a crap about what he does as long as his company is getting bigger. same goes for the people who work for him. wordpress, automattic, whatever their name is, they’re a scam with evil intentions.

    it’s a matter of time before their investors wake up.


  13. John says: 4/17/2009

    I love the title of this post… “WordPress Sucks? I Think Not” by BloggingPro.

    Freaking BLOGGINGPRO. You think most people want to become professional bloggers? No. They want easy to use blogging software that lets them share thoughts, creative musings, and media, with friends, family, and maybe a larger online community.

    If you think WordPress is easy to use. Try asking a blogging newbie, but otherwise tech savvy person, to create a WordPress blog using a custom theme downloadable elsewhere on the net.

    You will LITERALLY get into FTP territory, and most people can’t define that. CSS, HTML. It’s ridiculous.



  14. drupal says: 6/24/2009

    Just one word, DRUPAL,
    better, stronger, faster, prettier…


  15. jen says: 10/30/2010

    Actually, wordpress DOES suck. It purports, and idiots repeat the claim, to be the easiest solution around. But it has no links providing information, such as term definitions, on the spot for example when a newbie hovers over the terms it uses. It says do this and do that, without any detail, as if everyone is an experienced blogger. After several days trying to get a handle on it, I am giving up. Now, you can say its me. But I am telling you here and now, I do not pretend to be a young blog-literate person. I´m a grown up and someone who managed to go through law school while raising a young child completely on her own, wound up in the top 20% of the class, with good jobs and even a smart, delightful, now grown up child. No. WordPress sucks. No doubt about that.


  16. Guest ) says: 7/17/2012

    “Again… WORDPRESS SUCKS!” – It does indeed.