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Over on the increasingly popular, there is a new post up letting us know of a feature that was listed as “meant to fully support that a long time ago”.

Summarized stats give you a detailed look at referrers, search terms, and clicks.

Many people find the new results to be longer and more enjoyable. Your experience may vary.

Oh, and a tip for the truly stats-obsessed: we don’t update the database more than once in every three minutes, so you should count to 180 before hitting refresh.

Check out the Blog for more details.

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WordPress Podcast: Episode 33

After nearly a two month hiatus, Charles has put out another WordPress Podcast for everyone to listen to and it’s a long one at nearly 80 minutes long. If you have a crazy long commute, you will definitely be happy with the latest episode.

They cover all sorts of things, having recorded the show only a few days ago. The first ten minutes of the show deal with upcoming changes that Charles has in store to streamline the process and convert the WordPress Podcast into a weekly show.

Check out the full show notes on the WordPress Podcast blog.

I am going to miss the show notes though, that’s for sure.

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WordPress 2.3.3 Released: Urgent Security Upgrade

So, another security upgrade is out for WordPress. This one is fairly urgent, as it allows other members of your blog to “hijack” posts not written by them.

From the WordPress development blog:

WordPress 2.3.3 is an urgent security release. A flaw was found in our XML-RPC implementation such that a specially crafted request would allow any valid user to edit posts of any other user on that blog. In addition to fixing this security flaw, 2.3.3 fixes a few minor bugs. If you are interested only in the security fix, download the fixed version of xmlrpc.php and copy it over your existing xmlrpc.php.

Please upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, back up your blog, and as the post also mentions, change your passwords regularly. From what I can tell, there shouldn’t be any adverse effects from this update, so get to it.

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WordPress Theme: SpringLoaded

SpringLoaded WordPress Theme

A good friend of mine, Chris Garrett, has released a nice looking WordPress theme called SpringLoaded on his WordPress theme development company site, The 449.

My friends, it gives me great pleasure to announce SpringLoaded, the 449’s very first free theme! With support for Widgets, Gravatars and a handful of other nifty plugins, SpringLoaded is one sexy little number designed and built by the 449!

Chris (Rowe, visually gifted) worked his magic on the design and Indranil brought code excellence to the table once more (despite a very challenging layout) to ensure a fantastic and highly functional theme.

SpringLoaded is a two column theme, sporting a green, beige, white and orange colour scheme. I find it to be a very nice looking, effective theme, but it could do without the little grassy bit near the search box. All in all, a theme worth checking out over at The 449.

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Prologue: Twitter-killer or Not?

So the WordPress team has released a super theme called Prologue. The basic idea is to create a Twitter-like system for teams of bloggers. I, personally, can’t think of many uses for Prologue, and I know it won’t replace Twitter any time soon, but the uses I can come up with are very interesting.

Twitter shouldn’t fear Prologue because of the differences between the system. With Prologue, you don’t follow your friends, and the system is closed for growth. This means if you want to see what your friends are up to, you have to go ahead and invite them to post on what is basically a tumblelog.

What I do like about it is that it doesn’t require people to go into the WordPress Administration panel to post. If they are logged in, they see a quick way to add their thoughts to the site.

Prologue will make a great inter-blogger communication system for blog networks, and even better, it can be easily closed off to the general public, making it useful for business conversations. Sure, there is e-mail, and instant messaging, but I think Prologue could sit between them.

You need to talk to many people who aren’t always online at the same time, but the conversation would get too unruly in e-mail? You could post to the private Prologue blog, and all the other people on your team can respond via the comment form on the post, making it easy to follow and helping create clear communication.

I am very happy to see that they have already released an update, showing that they are willing to support the community in developing this into a powerful extension to WordPress.

The front page on Prologue originally only showed one post per user. Many people were confused by this or didn’t like it. After taking a step back I tend to agree, so a more traditional stream of the most recent posts is now shown. Pages are first class citizens again with their own template. Since posts in Prologue don’t have user supplied titles it now generates a title for WordPress based on the content of the post. This makes other features of WordPress work as expected (like the Recent Comments widget).

For those of you who want to try out Prologue on your own site you’ll be happy to know that it now works with WordPress 2.3.2 out of the box. Initially I’d made use of a function (in the author template) that wasn’t available in 2.3.2, now that has been fixed. Sorry about that.

I really love the simplicity of the theme’s design, and I enjoy the fact that they have made it available to users, but I dislike that it isn’t bundled in an easy to use downloadable file for the general public.

Currently, if you want to download and use Prologue, you have to grab it using Subversion, or download each file one by one using your web browser.

It would be nice if they packaged it up, and even better if they continued to help support the theme. I really think this could create some nice communities on and for if given support from its creators.

If you have a customized install of Prologue, with different design elements, or plugins used to extend its features. I would love to hear about it. Is Prologue a great addition to WordPress? Do you intend on using it?

I am thinking about getting the Splashpress team to share a Prologue powered installation of WordPress as part of our communication system. Do we need another communication system, or should e-mail and instant messaging be enough?

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