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What are You Doing to Optimize WordPress?

As I continue to use WordPress as a publishing platform, I find myself wondering if there are better workflow systems when writing content on WordPress, or ways to make WordPress run faster in the eyes of my readers.

I know a little about caching, and various different administration themes, and things like Windows Live Writer, but what other things do you do to optimize your interactions with WordPress? Any fancy plugins? Any fancy software? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. maze says: 3/7/2008

    “make WordPress run faster in the eyes of my readers”:

    I find that a light weight theme makes a difference. Not in terms of loading time but in terms of delivering the reader the information he wants in the clearest way possible. (Then again, light weight is a relative notion. To me, it means: little colour, not many images, not much text except for the content the reader is looking for.)

    “better workflow systems when writing content”:

    I like Andy Staines’ Advanced Admin Menus Plugin by which lets me reach every admin page with one page load only.


  2. redwall_hp ) says: 3/8/2008

    I run the fantastic WP Super Cache plugin. It caches pages as static html files, and really helps loading times.


  3. Jeffro2pt0 says: 3/11/2008

    I use WP-Cache for caching. As for interacting with WordPress itself, I write the content from within the Write Panel while using FireFTP within FireFox to handle all of my image uploads and linking. I don’t do very much to optimize with the exception of only using third party services/sites that I can trust will not slow my site down.


  4. iso belgesi says: 3/16/2008

    thanks wordpress


  5. prefabrik says: 3/17/2008



  6. Stephen R says: 3/25/2008

    One thing I keep hearing is that you can speed things up by stripping extraneous PHP calls out of your theme.

    Do you really need a PHP call to insert the name of your blog into the Title of the page? It makes sense from the perspective of distributing the theme to who-knows-who, but you can go in there and replace a lot of that stuff with hard text. Remove 10 or 15 calls to PHP functions and you should see a speed increase (or so i’m told. Haven’t done it myself for reasons specific to my site….)


  7. prefabrik says: 9/9/2008

    its very good projects.


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