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Will WordPress 2.5 Release Today?

WordPress 2.5 is supposed to come out today, at least that is when it was scheduled to come out, and that is what Trac still lists as the due date. With a little over twelve hours remaining before the tenth of March is over, will the team push out the release?

My current bet would be that they won’t. Matt said about four days ago that there is still lots of work to do, and with 415 active tickets still in Trac, I am unsure of how close they really are. Many of the tickets are already being moved to the next release so that everything can be cleaned up and pushed out the door.

I have tried the WordPress 2.5 Beta 1, but it was never really formally announced, nor have I heard too much on the release front.

When will it release if not today? Well, I guess when they are good and ready. I would rather a stable, secure, and complete release over a rush job, but after skipping a major release, and delaying the current release, I am ready for the WordPress 2.5 goodies.

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  1. Zauberer Berlin says: 3/10/2008

    i think its better to wait some days longer and we get a stable and good version, but maybe we get a good version tonight ? I never was waiting for a software update like this, i hope wp will work with this news steps …
    and by the way – thanks for the fish :)


  2. killerwal says: 3/10/2008

    This will be my first update of wordpress ever. I’m really looking forward to.


  3. derdude says: 3/10/2008

    Its pretty obvious that it wont be released today.
    The question maybe raised: what are fixed release dates for?
    It seems to me as if they could never be stick too.


  4. Aaron says: 3/10/2008

    It hasn’t even entered a “real” Beta yet. Right now being a beta tester means using the latest Trunk version.

    It probably won’t be released for at least another week or two. If they do release 2.5 without a real Beta release, I wouldn’t suggest upgrading right away.


  5. redwall_hp ) says: 3/11/2008

    I guess not. :D It’s 10:01AM EST on March 11, and still no WP 2.5.


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