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WordPress 2.5 Release Day Again…

So WordPress 2.5 was supposed to be pushed back to today according to the schedule on Trac. So many people reported on the delay, but I don’t think enough people really thought about the fact that we haven’t seen a real beta release yet.

The chatter in the development mailing list seems to be very much slanted towards “when its done” as the response of the release date for the next version of WordPress.

I thought the super-amazing-all-powerful release cycle that wasn’t arbitrarily chosen would mean releases on the days that were set up in advance.

Is the WordPress development community so small, so focused on a key set of people that without them they can’t do a release because one of the excuses I have heard is that someone was sick and as such they couldn’t finish.

I am feeling more and more like WordPress 2.5 will have to be amazing to convince people that the wait was worth it. The good thing for me is that I haven’t had to update blogs in six weeks. A very welcome break in my opinion.

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  1. Aaron B. Hockley says: 3/17/2008

    Ever since they announced their quarterly release schedule, I’ve advocated that WP should be released when it’s ready instead of based on an arbitrary calendar date. Now that they’ve missed their target as many times as they’ve made it, perhaps they’ll just go with the smarter approach.


  2. Kanwal says: 3/17/2008

    I have been using wp 2.5 beta and love it so far. improved and streamlined compared to wp 2.3

    im also using the fluency wordpress admin theme…

    cant wait for the latest release


  3. JamieO says: 3/17/2008

    Scheduled releases work best when you have a list of requirements / deliverables which can be properly prioritized, estimated and tested. I have yet to see an open-source project which has stable commitment from sufficient resources to make that approach viable. However the alternative “when its’ done” mantra doesn’t exactly fill me with optomism either.

    I installed the 2.5 beta to start developing a recent category template enhancement plugin idea I had. From my brief exposure to it thus far, I’d say that the beta has a long way to go to be a release cadidate. I find the new presentation more back-asswards than it was with 2.3 overall – which itself wasn’t always the most logical approach to be fair. I’m sure those involved are doing the best that they can, and I’m not trying to give them grief, but as example:

    The category selection in the write post window moved from the sidebar to below the post window. It went from being something you would see and select before writing to an afterthought where even tags are prioritized higher in the presentation.
    The save / publish buttons, which were positioned well in context of standard usability practices – at the bottom of your screen since they are the last item you would interact with – are now moved over the sidebar with the delete button in VERY CLOSE proximity.


  4. honest ape says: 3/17/2008

    A good rule in business is this: never promise what you can’t deliver. If you promise a release on a certain date and you’re late, people give you hell. If you think hard and promise a release far further down the line that you expect, but come in early? Then people praise the shit out of you.

    I know it’s free software, but it still sucks to get people’s hopes up for a release then completely blow it off.

    I second the idea of not having release dates. Give people estimates…Say sometime in March or such, rather than give a date. Then you don’t look bad and people have no reason to complain.


  5. vance says: 3/18/2008

    Well they have the whole March to release. The original release date was before April so my guess is they thought they can release it earlier.


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