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WordPress Plugins: TopLinks and FriendsRoll

I have two amazing plugins for everyone today called TopLinks and FriendsRoll.

TopLinks and FriendsRoll WordPress Plugins

TopLinks shows a list of the sites you link to the most in your posts in a really nice little widget while FriendsRoll allows readers to connect with you in an easy way and have their link shown on your site.

I know the developers of these plugins, so I might be a little more excited than I otherwise would be, but I hope you will all give them a good go, and let 76design know of any errors or issues with the plugins.

I am really excited to see these take off, especially TopLinks, as I think it could be a useful staple to some of my WordPress niche focused blogs, allowing me to show off the resources I use most often.

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  1. 中文赚钱博客 says: 3/17/2008

    I am also really very excited to see these plugins.


  2. CashJuke says: 3/18/2008

    Nice plugins! :]


  3. Peer Wandiger says: 3/18/2008

    Is there a way to use the TopLinks-plugin not as a Widget, but to insert the function call direkt to the theme-code?


  4. prefabrik says: 3/18/2008

    thank you for nice plugins.


  5. Ryan B says: 3/22/2008

    How specific is the top links plugin? I mean I link to NY Times articles now and then. Will it parse to NY or even NY or not at all? If it is the last one, I wouldn’t see how this would be useful at all because I wouldn’t think anybody would mention one other people’s specific post tons of times.


  6. prefabrik says: 9/9/2008

    its very good projects.


  7. Bryson says: 1/6/2009



  8. peruk says: 8/23/2010

    thanks very much


  9. özgür Altun says: 8/19/2011

    Toptan Gömlek deyince hemen her renk ve bedende özel üretim yapmaktayız. Toptan GömleÄŸin deÄŸiÅŸmeyen adresi.”>


  10. Prefabrik ) says: 1/29/2012

    I also this ver cool project.


  11. sünnet k?yafetleri says: 3/1/2012

    Toptan sünnet k?yafeti mi ar?yorsunuz? Perakende sat?? m? yap?yorsunuz? En uygun sünnet k?yafetini en iyi ?ekilde nereden alabilirim mi diyorsunuz? O halde do?ru yerdesiniz.


  12. toptan ?ort says: 3/1/2012

    Toptan ?ort üretiminde 25 Y?ld?r hizmet vermeye devam eden firmam?z her türlü yerli ve ithal kuma?larla standart kal?plarda seri üretim yapmaktad?r.


  13. çocuk abiyesi says: 3/1/2012

    Firmam?z 0-14 ya? k?z çocuklar? için hayal dünyalar?n? yans?tan rengarenk çocuk abiyeleri üretmektedir.

    Firmam?z 0-14 ya? k?z çocuklar? için harika tasar?mlarla c?v?l c?v?l renklerde say?s?z modelde çocuk abiyeleri üretip gerek yurt içine gerekse yurt d???na sat???n? yapmaktad?r.


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