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iBegin Releases Two New Apps: iBox v2 and iBegin Share

iBegin has announced its latest web app releases: iBox v2 and iBegin Share. iBox is the second iteration of a popular open-source script that lets web publishers display image (or HTML) overlays using lightweight JavaScript code.

iBox is a lightweight script that lets you overlay images and documents in a small dialog without a page reload. It’s built to be easy to install and use, while offering great flexibility.

iBegin Share, meanwhile, is seen as an innovative way by which a publisher can help readers save or share content on any site. Users have the option to share it via some of the more popular social bookmarking (or networking) sites, or save it to his own computer in different formats. One can even print the content directly through the iBegin Share interface. WordPress users would be happy to learn that iBegin provides a ready-made WordPress plugin as well, for convenience.

[W]hile we originally started with email to spread and share, we have come a long way. Social bookmarking websites to keep things organized. Social news websites, where everyone collaborates to report on the news. Social networks to keep up to date with everyone else. Offline programs to keep our links and contacts organized. Printing out documents to pass to others.

So we went ahead and built a simple to use share tool. It can easily be expanded to include SMS, phone calls, IM, and so forth. We’ve done it ourselves. Since they are all pay services, and since we don’t want to pick one service over another, we opted not to include those. The code is easy to work with to add those.

Again, both are open-source, which means users are free to build on the software, or add services to it, as they see fit.

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