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Download Squad has put up a post that brings you through creating a more professional Blogspot blog, step by step. I am not a big fan of the service, but I do think that if you are a Blogger blogger, you should read this guide and take everything to heart.

It starts with simple things like removing the banner at the top of your blog, to more complex layout and feature changes that you can make to create an enjoyable reading experience for your readers.

But while Google offers a handful of widgets for customizing your blog, if you really want to make your web site your own, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty editing your blog template and adding some HTML and JavaScript code. Fortunately, you don’t have to know much about HTML or CSS to implement the tweaks in this guide. As long as you’re handy with the copy and paste keys, you should be all set.

I implore you, please read this guide if you are on Blogspot.

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  1. mikeyaozm says: 9/20/2009

    But while Google offers a handful of widgets for customizing your blog,



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