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WordPress 2.5 and New Website

It looks like WordPress 2.5 “Brecker” is making the WordCamp Dallas release date that many people were hoping it would make as the website gets a fresh design that reminds me of the WordPress 2.5 administration panel interface.

Not yet on the development blog, but oddly shown on the front page:

WordPress 2.5, the culmination of six months of work by the WordPress community, people just like you. The improvements in 2.5 are numerous, and almost entirely a result of your feedback: multi-file uploading, one-click plugin upgrades, built-in galleries, customizable dashboard

I am excited to get moving on using the new version and I love the new website. I think it is all a strong improvement. Kudos to everyone involved.

Check out the forums before downloading WordPres 2.5, to see if anyone is having major problems.

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  1. Adam says: 3/30/2008

    I just upgraded one of my sites tonight to 2.5 and this one is incredible! I am upgrading one more. I really like the clean look and feel. I LOVE WordPress!!! Saying that almost makes me want to leave Joomla, but I want the best of both worlds.


  2. PremiumWordpress says: 3/31/2008

    WordPress 2.5 looks great, but think I will hold off upgrading for a bit and let all the early adopters expose any bugs and vulnerabilities first.


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