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Performancing Blogger Hates WordPress 2.5

Raj Dash has put up a post on about his recent experiences with WordPress 2.5 and he is not happy. He goes so far as to list every major issue he has had with the software so far, and sums it all up with this:

Automattic, you seriously dropped the ball on this. WordPress 2.5 is an enormous disappointment in the simplest of features. As an experienced (but retired) programmer, I can say with confidence that you don’t release significant interface changes in mid-version software. People that are expecting minor fixes might be shocked. V2.5 should have been renumbered to V3.0. If it had, more people might think twice before making a “big jump” from 2.x to 3.0. I’m so glad that I didn’t install WP 2.5 on a production site, but I do have to use it on several client sites – something I don’t relish.

You’ve now lost one of your most active WordPress evangelists…

Then in the comments, he notes that it is only power-users that will hate the WordPress 2.5 experience, as many newer bloggers have chimed in to let him know how wrong he is about the latest version of WordPress.

What are your thoughts on what Raj has to say?

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  1. Communiteer says: 4/14/2008

    I think he’s fishing for comments with a rant like this. I doubt the WP team stayed up late at night thinking of ways they could screw over their users. A well balanced review with realistic suggestions for improvements would have been more productive.


  2. Glenn Slaven says: 4/14/2008

    Well, as a ‘power’ user, I’ve got to say I love the new version, the admin is so much better looking & easier to use. And there are a number of behind-the-scenes updates that just make everything a little bit easier


  3. Daniel says: 4/14/2008

    Even though the changes to the interface was not entirely clear before I installed it, no problem has come from it. Its a nice way to display the admin-pages and after a while you get used to it.

    Perhaps it would have been better to be more clear about the drastic changes, but most people won’t mind.


  4. Andrew says: 4/15/2008

    I agree that it should’ve been version 3, but I think the software as a whole is an excellent improvement. I don’t know if I am a power user or not; probably not.


  5. Malte Landwehr says: 4/15/2008

    I don’t like 2.5 either and totally agree with Ray. They changed way too much!


  6. Brad Hart says: 4/15/2008

    What are my thoughts? My thoughts are the post makes him come off sounding like a pompous ass who will lose readers over his hissy fit. There are things I don’t like in the new version but there are things I don’t like about every upgrade, except when i went from Windows Me to Win 2k. There was nothing I didn’t enjoy about that upgrade.

    I think the biggest problem people are having whether they’ll admit it or not is they hate the new new color scheme, even more than they hate the widget page. The color scheme is easy enough to fix you can switch back to the classic in the user controls or like I did before I realized you could do that just crack open WP in Dreamweaver and edit the WP CSS


  7. (jeff)isageek says: 4/15/2008

    I couldnt disagree with him more. I think it looks great and enhances the wordpress experience. i can see where he is saying maybe they should have called it something like 3.0 but that is something little to me.

    I upgraded to 2.5 and am staying there.


  8. Browser says: 4/27/2008

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  9. asi says: 4/27/2008




  10. mike says: 4/27/2008

    IE 7 keeps crashing after a minute on this comment section. mind want to check that out if you recently upgraded


  11. mike says: 4/27/2008

    (Back again on FF2… sorry for the double post) If you’re using WP as a normal platform for blogging, then 2.5.1 is probably suitable for you. All the major complaints I’ve heard and read about that I share, as well, come from the fact that this version is less user-friendly and less practical, in terms of using it as an advanced CMS (ie. your site’s completely plugged in, you’re running multiple sidebars and not just 2 or 3, and you have multiple authors with multiple roles on your site). I’ve actually reverted back to 2.3.3, because I’ve had so many complaints, too, on my own site.


  12. Han says: 4/28/2008

    I dont use any of the new features – are there any? I dont use that media thing. I type a post and click publish. The only thing I’m glad of is the updated admin interface – thats been a LONG time coming!