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WordPress 2.5 or WordPress 2.5.1?

I have to admit, I haven’t upgraded to WordPress 2.5 yet on most of my blogs, and that is mostly because I am waiting for plugins to catch up and work correctly with WordPress 2.5, but I also have this nagging feeling that the first major release of any version needs some extra time to settle in and get pried apart by the millions of users who will no doubt find interesting errors that will lead to a new point release.

Currently, the Trac for WordPress says that we can expect WordPress 2.5.1 in around three weeks barring any major security flaws that require an immediate update.

Are you waiting for WordPress 2.5.1 as well, or have you had no problems with the 2.5 release? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Robin says: 4/14/2008

    I love 2.5 although I’m anxious for them to fix the image upload problem.


  2. Calaelen. Gnomes for World Domination says: 4/14/2008

    Switched to WP2.5 yesterday. I want to get used to the new admin and all the plugins I use catched up with 2.5 allready.


  3. Lindsey says: 4/14/2008

    Waiting. I haven’t even attempted an upgrade yet (but, I am itching to dive into the new WP). I’m redesigning my site and I want to upgrade and launch the design at the same time, as long as I can get everything to work as it always has. I’m a little hesitant after reading so many negative things about 2.5 though… I just read another scathing review on Performancing this morning by Raj Dash… pretty much everything he has had a problem with would be something I would be affected by should I upgrade. I’m going to go for it eventually, but I’ll be doing a lot of testing on the backend before I even think of upgrading my current sites!


  4. Webbster says: 4/14/2008

    An update already ? Ah come on !
    Getting as bad as Microsoft…


  5. Daniel, the Real Estate Zebra says: 4/14/2008

    I’m waiting for the same reasons that you are. To me, there is no sense in upgrading if my plugins are going to be broken. That just creates more work for me in the long run.


  6. Michael says: 4/14/2008

    I was going to wait until 2.5.1 but ended up upgrading anyway because I was finding it hard to stay away from the new admin theme which is soooo much better than the old one.

    I have only had issues with one of my plugins and I was able to find another plugin that had the same functionality but didn’t have any issues with 2.5.

    I suggest upgrading to 2.5 as soon as the plugins you need are available for it.


  7. Rori says: 4/14/2008

    I am afraid to upgrade to 2.5 yet. Between plugins and theme not catching up, I just don’t have the bandwidth for the panic time in between.


  8. Martin Emmerich says: 4/14/2008

    Never use “public beta” (and 2.5.0 is kind of public beta) for production sites.


  9. eee says: 4/15/2008

    WP 2.5, but opera is buggy :( :( :( I hope for fix.


  10. Malte Landwehr says: 4/15/2008

    I started a new blog with 2.5 recently but all the others will stay at 2.3 until it will became necessary to upgrade (be it for reasons of security, plugin/template compatibility or the need for new features).


  11. Michael Sync says: 4/15/2008

    I have upgraded to wordpress 2.5 yesterday. I have downloaded 2.5 and tested with my theme and plugins. Luckily, my theme and plugins are compatible with 2.5. :)


  12. Louis Liem says: 4/15/2008

    I haven’t done the upgrade. As you say, first releases need extra time to get patched and I thank those who voluntarily discover and experience bugs :)


  13. Tari says: 4/15/2008

    no major problems yet, just little issues with plugins, which recently fixed within a few days. Or just look for alternatives.


  14. Nicolas says: 4/18/2008

    I migrated to WP 2.5 as all my plugins were working fine with it. It was a painless upgrade – quite surprising in the end ; I had far more problems migrating from WP 2.2 to 2.3 due to the migration from UTW to the new Tagging system.

    So I would say: don’t be afraid of the new UI that suggests WP 2.5 is a MAJOR upgrade. It is in terms of UI, but not in terms of upgrade (at least for me).


  15. Andrew says: 4/26/2008

    Most plugins already should work with 2.5 even though they haven’t been “updated for it.” All of the plugins I use worked from the start with 2.5 and then were updated later on.


  16. izolasyon says: 5/1/2008

    I have upgraded to wordpress 2.5 yesterday. I have downloaded 2.5 and tested with my theme and plugins. Luckily, my theme and plugins are compatible with 2.5


  17. havalandırma says: 5/1/2008



  18. yangın tüpü says: 5/1/2008

    thanked for you


  19. AIUTO COMPUTER says: 5/4/2008

    2.5.1 per me, troppi bugs nella 2.5.0



  20. melon says: 5/20/2008

    Updated to 2.5.1 but what a worse update.
    I get bug after bug.

    It is not possible anymore to center images and I have had huge problems to get my text in place.. my style sheet does not work properly anymore. I have a widget ready theme and everything like plugins are all up to date..

    I decided to go back to my old version and wait till all the bugs are fixed !!

    I got a totaly messed up site and wish I never updated !!!!!


  21. yon ade says: 10/18/2009

    2.5 although I’m anxious for them to fix the image upload problem, but bug still come


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