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WordPress Dashboard Issue

I love the Weblog Tools Collection blog as much as any other person, but I always thought that others deserved a more equal billing on the site, especially since WTC updates so often.

My Dashboard with Weblog Tools Collection

Today, when I checked my dashboard, twelve of the twenty items were from one blog. Half of the remaining were from Matt Mullenweg, and the rest from four others in the community. With WordPress being installed as the go-to software for WordPress, shouldn’t there be better representation of the community in its dashboard?

I propose that the default dashboard feed should be set up in such a way that it doesn’t show more than the two latest items from each site. This would mean that other articles from other sites would be shown in the dashboard longer rather than being pushed out by the Weblog Tools Collection constant and consistent addition of new items.

As a community, what do you think? Is the limitation I am wanting to impose unfair in some way? What blogs would you like to see more of in the main dashboard feed? For all of you WordPress 2.5 users, have you changed your dashboard?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Sumesh says: 4/16/2008

    I’d much rather see only the WP development blog and other such official resources – not only are their posts short and concise, they also write only the important stuff.

    Promoting those other blogs with commercial aspirations is a bit like selling out the WP dashboard to advertisers – what with the millions of WP blogs out there.


  2. ruigato says: 4/16/2008

    I think we shoud have the option to display whatever we like, altough this feeds could come as default.

    By default in my option should come only oficial posts.
    Nothing against matt, i folow his blog, but is travels and is thoughts shouldnt come by default.

    For that i have Google reader ;)

    PS. My first coment, keep up the good work, congrats for your blog.
    Cheers from portugal


  3. Malte Landwehr says: 4/16/2008

    I would appreciate more diversity! Maybe they could offer to feeds. One with official “core news” only and one that represents a wider array of blogs.


  4. PChere says: 4/16/2008

    Maybe they can get more feeds on the planet
    That will keep the dashboard fresher.
    The official section can be separated for a few WP blog posts…


  5. Jay Thompson says: 4/16/2008

    I’d prefer to be able to set my own feeds into the dashboard (or remove them entirely).

    To be honest, I rarely click through to any of them. I read what I want in my feed reader. I don’t need to be spoon fed whatever someone else sees fit.


  6. ameo says: 4/16/2008

    i totally agree with you , there should be some limits so that every big blog take it’s chance and not just 2 or 3 blogs
    i’ve spread the word as well
    hope some one do something

    @ Jay Thompson in wordpress 2.5 you have the ability to choose the number , edit the feed name and url ,
    yet in older version it would require some work in the inner files


  7. Michael says: 4/17/2008

    That’s a great idea, but with WordPress 2.5 the dashboard feeds are completely customizable.


  8. Dr. Mike Wendell says: 5/7/2008

    Just more of Matt pushing the community out of the “WordPress Community”


  9. sohbet says: 7/23/2008

    I’d prefer to be able to set my own feeds into the dashboard (or remove them entirely)


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