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Yahoo and Automattic: Perfect Match?

ReviewSaurus has put up a post outlining just some of the many ways that Yahoo and Automattic would be able to compliment each other if they worked together or if Yahoo acquired Automattic. The one point that really interested me was the idea that the Yahoo Publishers network could be used to feed ads on, thus creating a system where publishers could monetize their blogs.

We all know that Yahoo’s been struggling hard and that sometimes Microsoft or a joint effort of Microsoft and News corp tries to take over it. However, Yahoo has been showing negative signs of selling itself to either of the company.

Even though, it’s been in this position, Yahoo has been making quite bold steps and that includes from acquisitions of the companies to making changes in the YPN.

Well, I was thinking that what will happen if Yahoo takes over or some how partners with Automattic, the company behind WordPress?

The discussion could go much further. What are your thoughts on the idea of a Yahoo/Automattic collaboration?

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  1. Douglas Karr says: 4/21/2008

    Please don’t give them any ideas. It seems Yahoo! has gotten about efficient as the government when it begins to ‘takeover businesses’.


  2. Gordon R. Vaughan says: 4/23/2008

    Yeah, it seems like Yahoo needs help in the blogging & social networking areas, probably even if Microsoft buys them.

    For a long time, I wondered why Yahoo didn’t snatch up Xanga, which just a few years ago had a pretty popular blogging and social network platform.

    Xanga’s languished in the past couple of years, but seems to still be working on their site, adding features such as pulse, a Twitter-like component.

    Now, it might make more sense for Yahoo to buy Automattic, since they’ve got a lot more momentum and are working on networking features.

    It is surprising, though, how Yahoo hasn’t made more moves in this area.