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Taking Over From David Peralty

Hello folks. J. Angelo Racoma here signing in. I’m not sure if you remember me, but a couple of years back, I was blogging here alongside David Peralty, when Blogging Pro was still owned by the Bloggy Network. Sometime late 2007, Blogging Pro was acquired by Splashpress Media (a new media company which I eventually rose from the ranks to serve as editor in chief). Along with this acquisition, David became part of our team as head of Marketing.

Fast forward to a few months after, Blogging Pro is sitting proudly as one of the more high profile blogs in the network. Sadly, David has had to leave the network to pursue other endeavors (a startup, I hear?). So he is passing along the reins to me.

With me to help spice up things would be Andrew G. Rosen of Jobacle fame. Drew is a mainstay at the Blog Herald and other technology-related Splashpress sites, as well as the snarky (and smart) Jack of All Blogs.

Moving along, when I started contributing here at Blogging Pro, the topic was wide and varied. We usually discussed blogging news, and various tech-related matters like blogging apps and software, plugins, and themes. We weren’t very much platform-specific, but for some reason we tended to lean toward the platform we used on the blog itself, which was WordPress.

Thing is, with Splashpress Media running a handful of blogs about blogging and new media in our network, it gets difficult to determine which gets posted where. Sometimes lines are crossed and toes are stepped on. In short, there tends to be an overlap of the topics that each blog handles.

And Blogging Pro sits smack in the middle of this issue!

So I ask you dear readers, what do you think is best for us to talk about here on Blogging Pro, given that we have other sites to talk about blogging, such as:

And the list goes on.

So how about we focus on what we’re best at: the technical side of things. Whether it’s WordPress, blogger, or other blogging software, we will focus on plugins, installing, tweaking, upgrading, and the like. We might still have some overlap with the other blogs, but we can get more in-depth here.

Any other bright ideas?

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  1. Gunnar Lindberg Ã…rneby says: 5/1/2008


    I read this blog only for the WordPress news I’m afraid :)


  2. caTcode says: 5/1/2008

    Did you have a bad experience about some hosting company?
    It would be great if you make a review for us about it. I have a problem to find the best one for my wordpress..


  3. Michael Perlman says: 5/5/2008

    Please don’t continue David’s legacy of simply quoting articles from blogs such as the ones you’ve listed. Much of the writing that Mr. Peralty has published is, IMHO, redundancy and includes very original thought.

    J., I’d like to see more original articles than Blogging Pro has previously publshed. Your topic suggestions in the third to last paragraph hit the spot. Honestly, I’m looking for a dramatic change in the content that is published on this blog.


  4. Aaron Brazell says: 5/11/2008

    Here’s an idea, in true Technosailor snark…

    Blogging about blogging? Isn’t this niche dead yet? :) Consolidate!


  5. sohbet ) says: 9/6/2008



  6. tuba buyukustun says: 10/29/2008



  7. blances says: 4/22/2009

    Thank you


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