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Would You Pay For WordPress and How Much?

Ryan Spoon’s 15 Websites/Services I’d Pay For raises an interesting issue: would you pay for your WordPress installation?

The benefit of blogging with WP is so significant (SEO, functionality, flexibility) that it’s well worth paying for. I’d probably pay a $200 for an installation… which makes me realize how much I rely on the product.

Add to the WordPress benefits listed by Ryan, the excellent stats and Akismet, the spam blocker.

There is no doubt that WordPress’s popularity is largely due to its price: it’s free.
Many bloggers make a nice bonus with their blog, WordPress installation. But would they also use WordPress is it weren’t GPL/GNU based, free?

Personally I do love the double license of Akismet. Pay if you make more than $500/month.

You run a personal blog and you’ve found the secret to making your passion pay. The lines of commercial and non-commercial personal blogs are hard to draw, so we’re saying if you’re making more than $500/mo from your blog we ask that you use a $5/mo pro-blogger Akismet API key.

I wonder how many people actually respect this double license, but I would love to see this model implemented for WordPress as well. Whether you pay a monthly, minimal, fee when using WordPress as your platform of choice, or you pay a one-off fee for a commercial blog/license.

What about you, would you pay for your WordPress installation and how much?

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  1. caTcode says: 5/12/2008

    I am using wordpress is just a few moths ago.There was a wow experience when i installed a new Plugins on my blog.This blogs platform absolutely rock,
    i am ready to pay for their service more than my hosting fee..


  2. PC says: 5/13/2008

    I hope wordpress stays free forever. That is its power.


  3. Andrew says: 5/13/2008

    I think I would pay for WP only if all of its competitors also required you to pay. But I think I’d make the switch to something free before I started handing over cash for WP.


  4. Mayooresan says: 5/13/2008

    I think I love WordPress, cz it’s free and powerful. If it’s not free and open, i’m sure it’ll not be having this much of big audience.

    I love WordPress, I’ll continue to love this WordPress till they keep it as free! :P


  5. Brandon says: 5/13/2008

    I think that it kind of depends on your situation and how you use and profit from WordPress. If you own a highly known blog that centers around WordPress, such as a blog offering WordPress theme tips/”hacks”, and you profit off of advertising, then sure, maybe some tips here and there. (They would be, after all, providing you with a revenue source and it would be nice to pay them back from time to time.)

    But if you were to use WordPress to power your site that doesn’t really have anything to do with blogging, such as for managing the content of some business site, then I don’t think they would be as inclined to.


  6. ameo says: 5/14/2008

    no i won’t pay for it as long as there is other free blogging sources .


  7. Scott says: 5/21/2008

    If wordpress started to charge me… depending on how much, I would probably just switch to a different blog cms. They’re not that hard to come by, and since I make so many… it would be a pain to pay for all of them.


  8. youtube says: 5/26/2008

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  9. SEO Service says: 6/29/2008

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