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Perhaps due to the social networking phenomena, is now re-packaging its code by extending its arms to the social networking world, the blogging community and photo sharing sites as new partnerships with a plethora of platforms including iGoogle, Bebo, Photobucket, WordPress and Six Apart see the launch of its new ‘ in a box’ offering.

I think this is really good news!

I’ve been a big fan of, and while I’d like to drive people to tune in to my favorite audio stream at, it would be much easier and fun for me to drive them to my WordPress blog instead.  It actually makes sense doing it that way, at least for me.  People want to know what audio I like, they go to MY page.

From the technical point of view I was told (or maybe I’ve read it somewhere) that was built on open source code.  This makes reaching to other open source products a “no-brainer”.  We’ve got to keep it tight people!  Let all open source unite!

Martin Stiksel, co-founder, said: “We’ve seen over the years how our offsite community – which experiences through third-party widgets and applications – has grown massively, to more than 19 million additional users.”

“With this new initiative, we aim to take that growth to the next level by enabling new partners and their users to engage as effortlessly as possible with our unparalleled music services.”

So WordPress soon eh?  I can wait… just hurry up! :)

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