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WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg talks about the future of the blogging platform at the Web 2.0 Expo.WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg just loves .  Why?  Well “partly” because it runs on WordPress (has 1 Million hits a day) and “largely” because he loves cats.  Kidding.  :)

Mullenweg was very subtle with his WordPress promotions during the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco just last April 2008.  He did manage to be the first conference speaker though, and he was also able to roll-out a few “hints” on what WordPress has for the Web 2.0 crowd… based on the cat blog.

One primary feature is called “possibly related”.  This feature cans every post you’ve written and gives your readers a list of your other posts that might be of interest, along with links to other blogs that line up with the keywords or context.  I remember there is a plugin for this… now it seems it will be something native to WordPress.  Coming from a “regular” WordPress fan, this is good news.  I do love plugins, but native features just trumps it out.


“Possibly related” will roll out to users next week, as well as a plug-in for users who are hosting it on their own. The service is opt-in, meaning you won’t get listed on other people’s possibly related link dumps unless you’ve got it installed on your own blog. Mullenweg noted this was not only because of privacy, but to give people an incentive to add it to their blogs to get the reciprocating traffic.

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