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Will you pay for an Akismet key?

I’m relatively “new” to the blogging world. Too young that I’ve only been actively posting, on a regular basis, barely 3 months. While I’ve had my brushes with some blog development projects, ah, I’m no expert. I’ve heard of Akismet, tried it on my personal blog, and like it. I keep my blogs comment-spam free thank God! I’ve seen too many blogs riddled with ad-spam, porn-spam & just plain nuisance messages that makes reading a post very annoying. Kudos to Akismet for keeping us sane. :)

I understand from Akismet’s website that Akismet is free for personal blogs. For commercial blogs though, people are “encouraged” to donate from US$5-$50 to Akismet’s R&D fund. The question now is… will you opt to pay Akismet for their wonderful tool?

Their website lists the following advantages:

  • Commercial keys have higher priority over free ones.
  • Service is faster and more reliable.
  • No traffic limits or throttles.
  • You’re out of the arms race, everything is taken care of.
  • Priority notification of service updates.
  • You’re making the web a better place.

Are you a pro-blogger?

You run a personal blog and you’ve found the secret to making your passion pay. The lines of commercial and non-commercial personal blogs are hard to draw, so we’re saying if you’re making more than $500/mo from your blog we ask that you use a $5/mo pro-blogger Akismet API key. Get an individual pro-blogger subscription now. (from

Are you an enterprise-blogger?

You run blogs as part of a commercial venture (for example a corporate blog or a blog network) and the last thing you need is a Viagra ad in your comments. Having someone sort through the comments manually is costly on several levels. We can make it so you never have to think about spam again, starting at $50/mo. Get an enterprise subscription for your company now. (from

Are you a non-profit requiring pro-blogger or enterprise-blogger services?

We love non-profits. We have half-off and free pricing for registered non-profits, please see the link above. (from

So… will you pay? I think the answer would depend on what you like the service to do for you. While the free personal license is high-performing, it doesn’t hurt to consider having “value-added services” to make you and your website “peaceful”. How protected do you want your blogs to be against unwanted information? Will spam really hurt your bottomline? This post is worth checking out.

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  1. Lindey says: 6/10/2008

    If I had the income to support it, and they offered vastly different and better services then the free service I would definitely pay.

    Just a small note – before you list the advantages you are using the wrong form of “they’re”

    “will you opt to pay Akismet for they’re wonderful tool?”

    It should be “their”.


  2. Duncan says: 6/10/2008

    Today, no. SixApart’s spam product is free or you can use services like Disqus which use Akismet anyway (and you don’t have to pay).


  3. Michael says: 6/10/2008

    Right now I wouldn’t pay for Akismet, but if my blog ever started making me a lot of money I wouldn’t hesitate to donate to the developers who make the software that helps me make money.


  4. Cyndy Aleo-Carreira says: 6/10/2008

    Seriously? I wouldn’t. I’ve seen the paid-for version, and more spam started creeping in than before it was paid for.


  5. c. wess daniels says: 6/11/2008

    nope. I’d switch services if I had too.


  6. cem ceilsoy says: 6/12/2008

    no, if it is paid version, i will change the service!…


  7. Jim says: 6/14/2008

    Thanks Lindey! :)