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The plugin count & your top 5

I recently checked this page to see how many plugins are currently in the WordPress plugins directory.  To this date I’ve seen they’ve counted 2,340 plugins.  These plugins have been recorded to be downloaded 4+ million times!  I ran a quick math and if each plugin was equally useful and popular as every other one then each plugin could have been potentially downloaded 1,700+ times.  There are 15 recently updated/new plugins and the oldest listed was submitted October 8, 2007.

That is one ACTIVE and UPDATED list!

But I’m not too sure though if WordPress Plugins authors would post their plugins on that directory by default.  I may be wrong, but do they?  Or is that directory more for those who would like their plugins distributed free and as open source?  I’ve seen some plugins (paid ones) unlisted.  It would be very useful if there is a directory (or search engine) that carries both free and paid plugins list.  If there is one, please share… much appreciated.

On another note, what are the first 5 plugins you add after you’ve installed a fresh WordPress package?  Mine would be

  1. Akismet plugin
  2. The Flickr photo gallery plugin
  3. Instant Upgrade plugin
  4. Verse of the Day
  5. WordPress Database backup

I know some of those aren’t essentials… and that plugins you’d install would depend on the blog you create.  But what’s on your essentials list?  May I have a peek? :)

Until next time…

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  1. david says: 6/14/2008

    A few of my “must haves”:

    KG Archives
    All-In-One SEO Pack
    Content Show/Hide


  2. Stijn says: 6/14/2008

    The plugins you list are amongst my must have as well, but I know each blog I’ve made mùst have All-in-one SEO up and running. A plugin to create and maintain your XML sitemap is also needed from the start.


  3. Dave Reid says: 6/14/2008

    It seems to me I use these plugins on most any site:

    1. cforms
    2. Feedburner Feedsmith
    3. Lightbox 2
    4. Sociable
    5. Google XML Sitemap


  4. Steve Creek says: 6/14/2008

    Google XML Sitemaps
    WordPress Database Backup
    Feedburner Feed Replacement


  5. FÄ°LM Ä°ZLE says: 6/14/2008

    feedburnet is good


  6. Jim says: 6/14/2008

    This is my list of essentials: Essential Plugins for WordPress 2.5.


  7. Louis Liem says: 6/14/2008

    Akismet, FeedSmith Feedburner, AllInOneSEO, Broken Link Checker, Google XML Sitemap


  8. Jake says: 6/14/2008

    Mine is very similar to Steve’s:

    WordPress Database Backup
    Feedburner Feed Replacement

    Except because I’m one of those who check obsessively, I substitute a Google Analytics plugin instead of sitemaps.


  9. redwall_hp ) says: 6/14/2008

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    Smarter Archives
    Chunk Urls for WordPress


  10. Chris Thomson says: 6/16/2008

    I have 17 plugins currently activated, but my top five would have to be (in no order):

    – Spam Karma 2
    – Maintenance Mode
    – cforms II
    – all in one seo pack
    – instantupgrade


  11. Family Guy says: 6/16/2008

    SlimStat – quickly look at your stats


  12. Todd Andrews says: 6/18/2008

    All In One SEO
    Related Posts


  13. Sep says: 6/18/2008

    1. Askimet
    2. iBegin Share


  14. satılık forklift says: 6/30/2008

    thank you wery much


  15. JARinteractive says: 7/7/2008

    1. PhotoJAR: Base
    2. Raw HTML capability
    3. PHPEnkoder
    4. Breadcrumb NavXT
    5. External Links