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Blogging strategy (titles and pictures)

I’ve known and admired Joey Bonifacio since I was 2 (!), kidding… since I was in my freshman years!  This guy is a natural networker.  No MLM here, but just pure networking… be it with products, with friends… with enemies even.  Yup, even his business rivals soon found his wise ways and tried on his boots.  Some were successful, some just couldn’t make the cut.  I’ve recently discovered that he had become a blogger too.  I think blogging is his life, and his hits are evidence to it.

I’ve known him to be a great business strategist.  And well, for now, I’d like to focus on one of his blog strategies that I hope will inspire people to write as creatively as this guy has.  He doesn’t know about how I’m discussing his blog, maybe if I make this link to him… he’d track me back! :)  (Joey, if you’re reading this… comment dude!)

Joey is maintaining a blog about Discipleship…  what is that?  well… I’d be honest that I’d flip the page or click out of his site if he just hadn’t been using great titles and pictures.  And that’s what I’d like to tip you about today…  in blogging… be very creative with the pictures you use.  And titles are very important too!

Not too sure if Joey is a “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” fan, but being one myself I quickly recognized that his title strategy somewhat resembles how FRIENDS do theirs.  Remember FRIENDS episodes like “the one with all the haste”, “the one where chandler takes a bath”, “the one with the blackout” or “the one with the phoebe’s phlegm”.  Ewww!

Joey has made similar titles, refering to discipleship… check out a few samples here:

  1. Discipleship and Coneys
  2. Discipleship and Ants
  3. Discipleship and Snakes
  4. Discipleship and African Elephants
  5. Discipleship and Eagles

If those title were “Discipleship and you”… or “The Plan of Discipleship” or “Discipleship Today”…  I tell you, i would have shut down my PC altogether.  Joey knew that it was boring!  And he’s made a way to make it… well… er… “unboring”.

Enjoy his blog!

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  1. Todd Andrews says: 6/18/2008

    Nice post. Never underestimate the power of a good title!


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