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The American Red Cross Blog

The American Red Cross has published a wordpress blog about all efforts and news of the June 2008 flooding in Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and West Virginia.

Because of WordPress’ quick setup and use facility, the blog was able to set-up specific feeds from several Red Cross regions in the affected states.  People can subscribe to RSS feeds from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

The blog currently has 23 active categories, most interesting is their photo blog (linking to their flickr feeds) containing Red Cross “in action” in those areas.

I’ve noticed that it updates quickly allowing people to get the “blow by blow” news where needed, when needed.  Another great WordPress way of initiating grass roots cooperation within, and between, Red Cross centers.

Very informative is the “how to use” section and the “maps” page.  Gives you a great feeling of what’s happening “on the ground” and where best you can fit in to help.

The developers, I see, have used a lot of the freebee services the internet has to offer, from flickr to to the feeds… you name it… they’ve used it.

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