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Just dug up an informative article by the guys/gals of  They’ve compiled 300+ of their most useful WordPress plugins.  Some of them are in the same usage league, so it is up to us to check it out ourselves and see which tool among them works best for your need.  Check it out right here.  They also have related articles here and here. (and all the WordPress newbies, like me, say hooray!) :) I really appreciate people who takes time to list great stuff, kudos Mashable, you guys rock!  It’s interesting that they have categorized it in a helpful way too… check it out, they have grouped it as follows:

  1. Plugins for the blogger
  2. Plugins for your readers
  3. Plugins to fight spam
  4. Plugins to encourage commenting
  5. Plugins to improve appearance
  6. Plugins to enable rich comments
  7. Plugins to enable avatars
  8. Plugins to show off comments
  9. Plugins to allow better conversation
  10. Plugins to moderate comments effectively
  11. and many more….

Got you interested, didn’t I?

For newbies, like me, it is an overwhealming list.  But I still do appreciate it nonetheless.

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  1. Todd Andrews says: 6/24/2008

    Could spend hours going through that list, thanks!


  2. Ozh says: 6/24/2008

    Quite outdated as the list is a year old.
    Hence, a lot of plugin there won’t run in WP 2.5
    Hence, it’s a really bad idea to blog something that outdated.


  3. Jim says: 6/24/2008

    Hi Ozh… thanks for your comment, i appreciate that. I haven’t found an updated list on the web, so i posted the mashable list instead. Well, aside from the official WP list of course. :) Months old… but I still found it useful reference. I’m confident though that a lot of the plugins listed are on their path to WP 2.5.

    anyway, thanks Ozh… you rock! :)


  4. ameo says: 7/2/2008

    ok, i agree that the list contains some really good plugins ,
    but it’d be better for each day blogger to look for what he needs and not what he can find !
    yes this list gives ideas , i can’t debat with that .
    but i’d like to see machable updating it


  5. sohbet says: 7/23/2008

    Could spend hours going through that list, thanks


  6. aigo says: 8/9/2008

    really outdated. I wonder if these plugins are working in wordpress 2.6


  7. Georgy says: 10/5/2008

    Hi nice post …very useful…thanks a ton.


  8. mikeyaozm says: 9/20/2009

    check it out, they have grouped it as follows:


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