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What keeps you blogging???

Today I decided to take a break.  I’m out of the office, out of the house.  Drove my car to the nearest mall to do the “mall rat” dance.  I wanted to hit nature, but terrestrial rains said NO, wanted to brave it with an umbrella… but my sense got the better half of me.  I’m in a mall… and “the dance” is no fun at all.

Now I find myself inside an internet access shop, typing away… surfing… then OMG (!) blogging!  Today what kept me blogging was BOREDOM, the pure sense of the word.  I didn’t want to go back to the office and I didn’t want to call it a day either.


There are other reasons why I blog… but I never thought that BOREDOM would do it too.  Come to think of it, I am getting all these brain drives and wadayaknow… it’s fueling my blogging drive.

Oh my… am I sick?

All I feel right now is the pure sense of sharing my thoughts… to you.  A trusty mochaccino nearby, the YouTube tab on stand-by… and ooohhhh…

I’m not sick…. I’m A-L-I-V-E . :)

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  1. Edward Lomax says: 6/27/2008

    I think blogging for me has turned into a way for me to keep all the information flying at me straight. There is so much info out there that when I find gems I want to be able to access it again.

    But there is so much info flying around, sometimes some of my great finds get lost (even when I bookmark them). My favorites file is huge!

    So, when I find something of great interest, I like to blog about it and share it. At least that way, I’ll be able to find it later.


  2. Corey Freeman ) says: 6/27/2008

    Blogging is just fun to me. It’s something I like doing and if I’m gonna sit in front of a laptop all day, I might as well do something! It also adds to my copywriting portfolio. The more I blog, the more samples I have of my writing style I have. I like explaining things, and I think about blogging for the subscribers.


  3. CasualBlogger says: 7/29/2008

    I made a small survey to see what keeps people from blogging and also those who blog, why they do it. You can check it out here: