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What To Expect In WordPress 2.6

Ryan Boren has announced today that the WordPress version 2.6 beta 2 has been released to the public. Looks like there have been a couple of improvements since Beta 1 such as:

  • Insert image and edit image fixes
  • SSL fixes
  • i18n fixes
  • Lots of new inline documentation
  • Improved tag auto-suggest
  • TinyMCE 3.1.1 with Opera 9.5 and Safari fixes, proper align = center removal, and improved embeds support
  • jQuery UI 1.5.1

There are two excellent articles worth reading if you want to know more information in regards to this next major version. The first article entitled ( 10 Things you need to know about WordPress 2.6 ) written by Aaron Brazell does a nice job highlighting various aspects of the new release.

The second article (What You Need To Know About WordPress 2.6 ) also does a good job giving you a heads up as to what to expect.

Based on the recent betas and the low amount of problems associated with them, expect WordPress 2.6 to be released next Monday, July 7th. If not the 7th, expect it to be released around July 14th.

Are you looking forward to 2.6? I know I am.

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  1. Bytesforall says: 7/2/2008

    Yes I tried beta1 and it looks good. I noticed the small problem with the image editor but nothing else.


  2. Jeffro2pt0 says: 7/3/2008

    @Bytesforall Have you tried Beta 2 yet? I’m not one to beta test but I like what I see so far.


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