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Introducing WordPress to a Mayor

I just met a small town mayor here in South East Asia.  He’s the mayor of a small agricultural city, rural as rural can be.  I think I stood out of the crowd being naturally city-folk(country folks CAN tell). And it being a really small city, he heard from a friend that I was a computer person.   He set up a meeting with me to pick my mind regarding “blogging”.  I was a little confused with what he wanted to do (I thought he wanted to know what blogging meant) UNTIL he told me that he wanted municipal events, activities and other municipal news blogged.  His primary audience?  Former town residents who are now spread all over the globe. This mayor knew what blogging is and he had a specific project for it.

The mayor wanted former town residents to know what’s going on with their old town.  He wanted to let them know what’s new… AND what they can do to help their roots develop in this new cyberworld.

I smiled… literally smiled wide!  This is the kind of mind that aims at progress.  Blogging about their small city is a great progressive step.  He’s going to pass this project on to the youth council, who seem to be gungho about the entire thing.

I’ll probably start by dropping a few URLs about blogging and see where their interest brings them.  I for one can probably demo what and how setting up a blog site is.  Do you know any URLs that can help them?

Funny how blogging is taking its aim at even the rural communities of South East Asia.  It’s the grassroots communities that, I think, can benefit from blogging.  Tons of things may happen if they keep telling people about their small town.  Opportunities, change, development… progress.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this will press on!

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  1. joaon says: 7/2/2008

    A good animation video should do the trick, and it doesn’t get much better than CommonCraft’s “Blogs in plain English”:



  2. Sherwin says: 7/2/2008

    Looks like you’re somewhere in the Philippines =)


  3. Dave Starr says: 7/2/2008

    yes it certainly seems it could be in the Philippines, doesn’t it? I’m an American living in the Philippines and this article interested me a lot.

    a. I meet many Filipnos who speak to me about blogging and often state … but ‘if only’ I knew what to write about.

    b. The mayor mentioned may be forward-looking and more ‘up to date’ than some, but isn’t being ‘up to date’ merely a matter of education … say by someone passionate about a media who contacts people and spreads the word?

    c. An actual case study: One small town (where y wife went to HS actually) has a large online presence. I haven’t tried to find all the blogs written by/about this town, but originally a fellow set up a message board about the town … which is still very active to this day as a world-wide meeting place for overseas citizens/former citizens. A similar size town nearby actually has more commercial/cscenic advantages (in my view anyway) but last time I looked it could hardly be found on-line at all.

    The answer is left as an exercise for the student. Did the popularity (and toursim/returning visitors) come about because of the on-line popularity, or did the large on-line presence come about because something else made the twon more attractive?


  4. blances says: 4/22/2009

    Thank you