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July 7th Came And Went With No 2.6

Well, it was highly expected that WordPress version 2.6 was going to be released on Monday July 7th but a little birdy has told me that work still needs to be done on the Press This Bookmarklet as well as a few other things. If all goes well and this work is completed within the week, it looks like WordPress 2.6 will be in good shape to be released next Monday on the 14th. Let’s hope no major problems arise.

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  1. Michael says: 7/8/2008

    I can’t wait to get my hands on WordPress 2.6 and I sure hope that it is released next week. The features in 2.6 are amazing, especially the Gears functionality.


  2. jeff says: 7/8/2008

    @Michael I am also looking forward to 2.6. I want to give the Press This Bookmarklet a run for it’s money to see if it’s better than the Tumblr bookmarklet. I’ll probably give the gears functionality a try as well. Not sure how I’ll use post revisions on a single author blog.


  3. David Lee says: 7/9/2009

    I love WordPress and all of their pluggins they have. over 3 thousand of them.

    great source of info here,

    Thank You,

    David Lee