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Are Blog Networks Scams?

This was one question posted by James Mowery over at Performancing. He wonders if all blog networks are the real thing, or if some just want to waste your time producing content for them at practically sweatshop pay rates.

Well, some of these sites put on a great first impression. They look like great places to work. Sleek designs, flashy graphics, and text from other members contributing. They are all getting paid for their hard work, right?

Many of these sites state that “you will be paid for your content” and similar. However, there are catches: for one, there is no guarantee they will actually feature your work, and I’ve seen sites that claim the rights to your content even if they don’t feature it (they essentially get your content for free without pay); next, these sites usually determine how much you will be paid on an article by article basis, and this just doesn’t seem right as the writer should set the rate; finally, many of these sites don’t have a chance of making it to the big time and won’t promote your brand in the process.

I would say it’s unfair to characterize blog networks as scams. In general (most) blog networks are legitimate businesses and most likely if they’re still running after a year of operation they are likely doing well, in terms of revenues and even profit. Sure, there may be some fly-by-night outfits out there that might be a waste of time, in terms of earning opportunity.

In this case I would say brand matters. If a network runs great sites and have great readers and writers, who form a good community, then in all likelihood they’re legit, and they can afford great talent. But if it’s not so, then better do more research. I agree with James that you should do research, and you should always read the fine print before committing to something.

I’ve been working with and for blog networks for more than three years now, and I’ve mostly had positive experiences with all of them.

Some resources you might want to check out (mostly our own):

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  1. James Mowery says: 7/10/2008

    I guess I really didn’t make it obvious. I’m not talking about a blog network like you are thinking about. You might have thought I was talking about the likes of the likes where b5media, Splashpress Media, and others like that are included. I know these companies are legitimate. I completely didn’t intend to sound like I was talking about those companies. I, of course, realize they are legit. After all, I work for Splashpress Media. ;)

    I’m talking more about the Orbles, eHows, and HubPages.

    I believe those to be more like a blogger aggregators. It is one huge site offering to pay bloggers for their content on one huge blog. They still claim themselves to be blogger networks, but they are still questionable.

    Even those I listed are okay, but there are a lot of networks like those that are flat out scams and post job offers in weird places like mass posting on Craigslist and such: “You can work from home and make more money than your current job by writing for us!!!”

    I didn’t generalize, even though you interpreted it as such. It was really just a lack of a better name to describe those types of networks.

    Regardless, I’m glad that you agree with me on some of my points.

    I’m going to make a note on the article to avoid people thinking I’m generalizing all blog networks.


  2. Greritowhirty says: 8/2/2008

    Very nice!!