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News: Multiply Premium Account has introduced its Premium Membership Account last June 25.  Now, due to the millions of hi-res photos and videos they receive everyday, they are now charging US$19.95 for unlimitted storage space.

Here is a comparison between the free and premium membership accounts of in relation to storage space:

For free accounts – album sized photos are still free, and stored forever.  But for hi-res/original photos it will only be stored free within 30 days.  After that, automatic deletion.

For Premium Members – album sized photos, hi-res/original photos are stored forever. has explained this move clearly right here.

As a user myself, I would understand’s move to start selling “idle property”.  True that most users would choose to store the original hi-res photo versions just because the opportunity is there.  I would likely agree with too that most of those hi-res photos aren’t viewed… ergo aren’t generally useful to the user, or the public.  I guess not everything in life is or will remain free… except WordPress! (of course)

Multiply users post millions of photos and tens of thousands of videos a day, and that’s a lot of stuff to store and manage… which costs money and resources. We’ve also learned that an overwhelming majority of the original photos and videos are never even viewed! Clearly, for many Multiply users, the album-sized photos and Flash videos are good enough.

So rather than spend resources supporting something that isn’t used, we feel it makes more sense to focus on making the site faster and better for everyone, improving the features that are used, and adding more features. For free. But if your original content is important to you, you have the option of sharing and storing that indefinitely by upgrading to Multiply Premium.



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    they are now charging US$19.95 for unlimitted storage space.


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