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WordPress for the iPhone

I’ve heard a few leaks (here and here) about WordPress setting to release it’s very own native application for the iPhone.  Glorious that they’re tweaking it to work with and the standard installations. And quite frankly, with the current trend of iPhone prices vis a vis its features, I think the addition of a “WordPress-able” feature will set the icing on that great cake. I really like the tag “WordPress and the iPhone… your blog everywhere”.

It’s bringing your blogging craves anywhere… anytime!  Got the urge to write about that sunset you’re viewing now, well just pop out your iPhone and write about it.  Publish it in seconds alongside that sunset picture too (!) no problemo.

I know, I know… pro-bloggers who blog like crazy may find the interface a little (ok, MUCH!) on the downside.  I’d imagine myself typing a 200-word blog post in say about 15-20 minutes VS. the 5-minute usual post publishing I do.  BUT STILL, you’d agree that the iPhone-WordPress merge does have it’s own sweet advantages.  I chuckle when I imagine popping out my notebook to blog about the sunset AND THEN running off to find a hotspot to publish it. Hee hee.

Oh, it’s not available yet, no release dates have been said, all I saw was the video below… check it out!



Just a few steps to create that blog post eh?

  1. Type in the blog details (the title)
  2. Type the actual post
  3. Add pictures from your iPhone or media library
  4. Type in blog settings like (categories, published date, password protection etc.)
  5. Preview your post… and PUBLISH pronto!





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  1. Jay says: 7/12/2008

    I was excited for this too but a bit disappointed that no release date was set. TypePad has theirs out along with that “Blog It” idea that supposedly works with Open ID and WordPress. Sure be nice to have this, though!


  2. Todd Andrews says: 7/14/2008

    This will be great!


  3. Uli says: 7/14/2008

    I’m using WPhone for a long time. Works perfectly.

    My German Post for it:


  4. iphone games music says: 7/19/2008

    Nice blog, i have added it to my favourites, greetings


  5. mikeyaozm says: 9/20/2009

    t’s bringing your blogging craves anywhere… anytime! Got the urge to write about that sunset you’re viewing now, well just pop o