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WordPress Widget: Popularity Contest version

The website has been a sought after site for WordPress fans just because simply put, the site is just too useful.  From WordPress theme designs to plugins… I’ve hit that site many times over.  Now a lot of you would agree that googling “WordPress plugin” would eventually result in the site as part of the top ten list.  One plugin that I loved was the Alex King’s Popularity Contest WordPress plugin.

Recently, we at recieved a tip from plugin developer Jake Bohall of GrapeThinking regarding a version of Alex King’s Popularity Contest that he’s developed that displays the most popular post that’s RELATIVE to the post that’s currently displayed.  He ventured the term “smarter”, tough words … but it probably is.  I remember I once was looking for a widget that can do that.  If i’m in a section of the blog that talks about gardening, I would want the popular posts of gardening as well now would I? :)  I think this is an awesome addition for the general blogging public.  While Alex King’s version rocks… this one… well, err… hip-hops! :)

Jake Bohall’s version is compatible with WordPress 2.5 or higher.  Have a looksie and download to try it out.  Just don’t forget to tell us what you think too ayt! :)


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  1. Jake says: 7/14/2008

    Thanks for the mention. I hope you enjoy the plugin!


  2. eljefe says: 9/7/2008

    Hi there I was looking for a new version of popularity contest compatible with wp 2.6.1.

    Well i found your blog and this other site

    And tried it and it just worked, I will also look into Jakes version, but right now im happy that its working



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