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Google Now Indexes Flash. Should Bloggers Rejoice?

Word is out that Google is now able to index Flash content. This is probably good news to web developers out there who are into building sites with Flash. However, should bloggers rejoice at this news?

Probably not. Or at least there’s no compelling reason to be too happy because of this news, unless you run a video blog with a lot of flash-based videos. I would agree with our resident designer Ia that Google’s new Flash-indexing ability might be misused by designers who are fond of designing in Flash without much regard for usability and accessibility.

Google’s efforts to read Flash still seem to be in the premature stages. Typical Google, they always release their products in beta without being wary of the consequences.

By consequences I mean clients who are now running around telling their web designers to create animated intros and the extravagant interfaces for their websites. I can’t really shoot down this little achievement by Google—except that it’s getting scarily smarter everyday and should try to have more features than issues when they launch a product.

More importantly, I can only continue to condemn those who misuse Flash without any regard for accessibility, much less usability, whatsoever.

If you are serious about optimizing your blog for the search engines, then I think the first thing to do would make sure you have good content!

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  1. Edward Lomax says: 7/16/2008

    I think it is probably too early to tell how this will effect the Internet and search engine indexing.

    Blogs are predominately done with the written word. Videos can be a nice addition to a post, but I still think the writing is what makes a great blog. As you said, good content is the most important.


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  3. pooja says: 9/19/2008

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    More importantly, I can only continue to condemn those who


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